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Violet Flowers

Garden Coaching

What is there about your outdoor space that you find lacking? Do you seek beauty? Comfort? Refuge? Vegetables and fruits for your dinner table? As an avid gardener with over 40 years of experience, Tammie understands those dreams. As a Garden Coach certified through Nicole Johnsey Burke's international gardening and education system, Gardenary, Tammie is more than qualified to guide you along your gardening path.


Garden Design

Your gardens can be an extension of your living space, or accessories to complement your home. If you have a specific vision for your outdoor decor, the folks at Garden Therapy will help bring that dream to life. If you have no idea where to start, Tammie will ask the right questions -- and listen to your answers -- to create a personalized garden design just for you.


Garden Installation

Is there a space in your yard that is underwhelming? A new area of landscape may be just the remedy for your garden blues. Garden Therapy will walk your lawn with you and offer suggestions regarding new garden installations that would add charm, comfort and value to your home while maintaining cohesiveness with existing landscape. New garden spaces can be as simple as the addition of a tree or a collection of shrubs, a mulched berm, or a collection of planters filled with your favorite plants. Call or text Tammie for a free consultation. She'd love to discuss your garden with you!


Garden Rehab

Life happens. We get it. Whether your landscaping was once the pride of the neighborhood (until that knee replacement), or that planned perennial garden project never quite got going after the twins were born, keeping landscaping under control can be difficult and time-consuming. Whether you are a Master Gardener who just needs an extra pair of hands now and then, or you're someone who wouldn't know a daisy from a daffodil, Garden Therapy is here to help! We can clear away the debris of an unkempt space, help you find the potential in a long-forgotten bed, and suggest simple, cost-effective ways to maintain control and keep the jungle-effect from taking over your lawn.


Garden Maintenance

Whether you already have landscaping that you like, or you want Garden Therapy to design and install new beds, you'll want to keep your plants looking great! We offer maintenance services such as weed removal, weed prevention, mulching, pruning, trimming and edging of beds. If you have planters which need to be refreshed seasonally, Garden Therapy can also help with that!

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