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Welcome to Garden Therapy, a customer-service oriented gardening business in Lexington, Kentucky. We design and build gardens, plant, mulch, weed and maintain decorative landscape areas -- doing everything we can to make your outdoors enjoyable. I invite you to give us a call and see what Garden Therapy can do for you!

About this local business

Garden Therapy sprouted during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Tammie Marsh, who has lived in Central Kentucky for over 40 years, began gardening for others when she had more free time due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. After working for neighbors, she joined a local gardening crew for a while before deciding to focus on growing her own clientel. Garden Therapy, aptly named because the company provides services which result in healthier gardens and happier customers, also serves as a form of therapy for its owner because she finds tremendous joy in the soil, sunshine and plants, as well as in the community of gardening friends she is cultivating along the way.





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