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What is Garden Therapy?

Not a landscaper ... a gardener!

We are a team of garden enthusiasts who enjoy helping Central Kentuckians relax in their outdoor spaces. Lead by Tammie Marsh, who is the proprietor of the business, Garden Therapy offers services to take the burden of work off the hands of people who want to be surrounded by nice-looking lawns and landscaping, but either do not know how to go about creating those spaces, or are unable to complete the tasks themselves. Services offered by Garden Therapy include, but are not limited to: weeding, mulching, designing, planting, pruning and trimming. We install new beds and rehabilitate existing ones. Tammie is a certified Garden Coach through the international Gardenary program of Nicole Johnsey Burke, and would love to work with you to create the gardens of your dreams, one step at a time. If you look at spaces in your yard and sigh with sadness or just feel overwhelmed, give us a call for a consultation. If you have a dream for your landscaping, let's bring it to life. As Tammie likes to say to her customers:

"We can take care of that!"

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